The New Secret Essence Oil That Turned my Husband Into a Sex God… (NSFW Pics)


4 Drops = 7 hours of sex


We found the holy grail for ED and wanted to share…

Hey guys! As many of you know, my husband and I have an OnlyFans account with over 1 Million followers. It’s our full time job, but this year my husband Mike hasn’t been able to satisfy me at all. His cock didn’t get hard even after a deep blowjob! But a month ago I found a new treatment that claims to be performing 7x stronger than viagra…so I decided to test it out and share our results.


We tried everything: Viagra, other erection stimulants, yoga, tantric practices. Nothing helped us at all. His cock remained soft when it was time to put it in. Sex never lasted longer than two minutes 😞😥.

We started thinking that the root of this problem is his genetics,or that it is a symptom of some disease, but a check-up didn’t reveal any serious issues. At this moment we didn’t know what to do anymore, and I couldn’t deal with it...

I know I’m a sexy woman, I would have left him if he was another man… our OnlyFans is our full time income, and I needed him to perform or we’d start losing subscribers. My husband is a great person, a perfect man! We have kids together so I didn’t want to betray him. I had to find a way to fix his problem.

Then I stumbled across this Time article…

I was about to give up and consider seeing someone else who could satisfy my needs, but then I stumbled across this Time article which basically explained how the founder of Viagra after leaving the company created a new natural supplement that cures erectile dysfunction and boosts testosterone.

I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a shot! Honestly I was’t expecting it to work since nothing had worked in the past.

Specialists say that BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence improves the work of urinary system, increases level of testosterone – the main male hormone. Regular intake of the drug increases sexual desire, improves erection, prolongs and intensifies orgasms.

I knew that if Dr. Phil was promoting it, at least it wasn’t a scam. I went to the SITE AND ORDERED 3 BOTTLES. Luckily they had a promotion going with a huge discount so it made it a no-brainer to try it out.


Now about our results...


The package arrived quickly and we were eager to try it. We immediately ran upstairs and Mike pulled out one of the bottles and applied a few drops on his dick. Within 5-10 minutes I was on my knees blowing him. Immediately I knew they were working because he never got this hard when I was blowing him.

Of course, I expected improvement ... but OMG the way Mike fucked me a few minutes after applying this essence was something that I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest fantasies.

Every night he entered me WITH AN INCREDIBLE ERECTION, HARD AS A STONE! I touched his cock, thrilled with amazement, and there was animal passion in his eyes! He put me on my knees and took me from behind. It was AMAZING!

You won't believe me, but we’ve fucked like wild animals for about 2 hours! And this is after almost 3 years of almost impotence and semi-sex that we had. Solid! Strong! Non-stop! He fucked me in both holes, and I had nothing against it. 😋😆🍌🍌🍌

An amazing condition, with a sea of sweat and an ocean of moans!

Yes, it was the best sex of our life! It felt as if I had sex with three men. I can't believe this product turned my Mike into a true alpha male, all by just taking a supplement 1-2x per day.


He even increased in size when he is hard!

I’m not sure if it’s something the supplement does… or if it’s just because he gets way harder than usual, but when he penetrates me he literally feels 1x bigger and it’s incredible. Plus his loads are 3x more than usual (here’s proof hehe).



My girlfriends found out that he lasted hours…

After Mike started taking BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence and absolutely destroying me in bed, I couldn’t help but gossip about it to my girlfriends… They were asking so many questions!


“What does it feel like to get fucked for 2 hours?”

“What does it feel like to have 6 orgasms in a row?”

“How big does he get?”

“Does he stay hard the whole time?”

“How can your body handle sex for that long?”


My friend Shannon was begging me to invite her over so we could play around. So finally I brought her home one night to my husband so she could experience just what I was talking about when I said “he fucked me like a beast for hours.” We got all dressed up in different sets of lingerie and let him have at us.

He fucked us from 9pm to 12am

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so impressed with my husband. For three straight hours he had a rock hard boner and took turns fucking me and Shannon literally everywhere in the house. He left us shaking and unable to move.

Shannon turned to me and said, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. How in the world does he stay rock hard for that long?”


For those who want to try it on their own….

Mike takes the essence twice a day, morning and evening, and we are as happy as ever. There were days when we’d fucked for three hours straight, like animals. In addition, Mike now looks more muscular and has a six-pack in the stomach (all thanks to testosterone!). I thought this product was meant to improve sexual health, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how his body has changed and what a sporty look he now has!

Mike stopped taking BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence three months ago. But now his erection lasts at least 2 hours. You just need to see his athletic body transformed by increased testosterone levels.

Last week we contacted the official website of the BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence product to see if Mike should take it again. The consultant told us that this remedy has a long cumulative effect that lasts for years, so there is no need to take it over and over.

Only if we don't want to feel some overly strong sensations, Of course, I can recommend this product to increase male potency, especially to those who want to improve their sex life without resorting to Viagra or other harmful stimulants.


The consultants are very friendly, competent and well-informed on all matters related to men's health. All advice is anonymous and provided over the phone. Don't worry about shipping, the product will arrive in a sealed package, no one will know what's inside.




"I lived with my ex-boyfriend for 5 years, and all that time I didn’t like having sex because of his weak boner. As a result, we broke up, and I met the man of my dreams. He shocked me in bed: he can have sex for hours and his penis is hard as stone! He recently told me that BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence gives him so much energy) 💪👍😎


This is magic! I’ve been taking BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence for just a month, and results are already exceeding all my expectations. I began having much attention from women – my erection drives them crazy. I used to last only for a couple of minutes, and now I can do it for hours). THANK YOU! 😁


Been using it for a month. Honestly, I’ve been thinking that such drugs are a scam for robbing people of money, but here I saw good reviews and low price and decided to try. Erection became significantly stronger and lasts even after ejaculation. The drug should help those who have potency problems.


My brother from USA says a lot of people are using it there. I haven’t tried it, but I see only positive reviews


Great story) Read and decided to order) But I will wait for a sale 👍😱


I have a two-weeks experience of taking BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence, I can confirm that it is super-effective. I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, but BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence cured it! 😎😎😎


Ordered 3 packages, waiting for delivery… Hope it’ll help


Wow, what a story! I want such a wife ;)",


"One of my friends ordered it and was satisfied with the result 😍


Thanks for the information, I ordered one for my husband. We got it yesterday and are already surprised by the result. Effect is visible after the first intake!


They make me don’t wanna cum at all) I can have sex without stopping


It works) My erection used to leave a lot to be desired, now everything has changed)


If I am not mistaked, BioChoice Pro Men Performance Essence is produced in Germany, and there everything is done with great quality!


Wife doesn’t understand what has happened) But she likes it! We even stopped arguing all the time) Ordered it on the official website, delivery is always on time.


Got a delivery, will try now


Super effect for a low price, and they have sales! Delivery is fast without any problems


I hope the drug will help everyone like it helped me!


I know about this drug… Husband was taking it some time ago. He isn’t taking it now, but we are still having sex for 2 hours)


I decided to make an experiment) As soon as it got delivered, I took it and went to my girlfriend. We had sex for 3 hours! I am in shock! I never had anything like this before


I can’t understand where can I order it


The link is written above. Here it is, in case you can’t find it - official website. It’s better not to order it anywhere else, there is a lot of scam around.

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